RPZ and Vacuum Breaker Assembly Testing and Service

A.J. Alberts Plumbing located in Woodbury MN is your local RPZ and Vacuum Breaker testing and repair company.

An RPZ valve is a Reduced Pressure Zone valve, used for back flow prevention in high risk areas. In other words, this device stops pollution from entering your potable water supply. Some vacuum breakers also provide high risk protection.

AJ Alberts Plumbing is certified by the State of Minnesota to test and rebuild RPZ valves and Vacuum breaker assemblies.

The current State requirement is that the RPZ or any vacuum breaker assembly be tested once per year, and re-built or replaced when required.

After we test your valve, we can automatically schedule yearly visits. We will keep track of your product information, fill out and turn in your cities required forms, and send you a reminder.

  • We can manage single or multiple RPZ valves at your location, including testing and re-building.
  • Submittal of required forms, and yearly test reminders.
  • Competitive pricing for both testing and rebuilding.
  • We are experienced and have been servicing RPZ valves in the St Paul – Minneapolis area for over 15 years.
  • We are certified by the State of Minnesota to test and re-build RPZ valves and Vacuum Breaker Assemblies.

Contact us today at 651 738 0580 or schedule an appointment online for service, testing, or re-building RPZ valves.


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