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Garbage disposals are a great convenience. You might take them for granted and don’t realize until after you flip the switch and it doesn’t turn back on. At that point, contact our team at (651) 738-0580 to get expert advice and services to fix your garbage disposal.

Garbage Disposal Installations and Maintenance

A.J. Alberts repairs, services, and installs all makes and models of garbage disposals. If your garbage disposal is making unusual noises or even has a foul smell and isn’t operating properly, call us immediately. We’ll take a close look at your garbage disposal system and provide you with an accurate estimate of what repairs are required and how much it will cost. Remember to BE SAFE and do not try to fix the disposal by yourself. Trust the experts at AJ Alberts Plumbing for your garbage disposal repairs, and replacement.

Trust A.J. Alberts Plumbing for Your Garbage Disposal Needs

Are you in need of a new garbage disposal or need one installed for the first time? Garbage disposals are a modern convenience that you don’t realize you couldn’t live without until after it is broken or malfunctioning! On top of being convenient, garbage disposals can aid in the longevity of your home’s drainage system. When you call us our technicians will stop by and take a look at what is required. Then we will go over various options, and present you with a guaranteed price ensuring that your home’s needs and your financial needs are met.


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