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RPZ Testing

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RPZ and Backflow Services

RPZ devices are designed to prevent water from backing up into the supply of drinking water. The RPZ valve opens up when the water pressure drops and then dumps the water out. This happens to prevent backflow and contaminates from entering the municipal drinking water. A backflow preventer device is required for many of our residential and commercial customers. If you find yourself with a broken backflow device, our fully trained and licensed team can guide you through the process to repair or replace it and resolve your issues. You can rest easy knowing that our testing and installs are done in an efficient and timely manner.

Backflow Testing in Woodbury and St. Paul

If you have a backflow preventer or RPZ valve, many municipalities require that your device be tested on an annual basis. A.J. Alberts Plumbing backflow testing service can be there for you when the time comes and file all your necessary paperwork to make sure this process as seamless and easy as possible for you!

A.J. Alberts Plumbing is the Name You Can Trust

Our team has years of experience installing and servicing backflow preventers and RPZ valves. You can rest easy knowing that our highly experienced and professional technicians are working to protect your water supply Our team has been in the St. Paul and Woodbury area since 1989, so we know the requirements for backflow preventer testing in your area. You can have peace of mind when you call us, and trust we will get the work done right the first time.


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