Do you find yourself running the shower only to find you have slow hot water? There can be a number of reasons as to why your hot water is slow to flow such as the distance water has to travel between your water heater and the fixtures, flow rate, and the size of your pipes. Especially in these winter months, having a hot shower is crucial and no one wants to wait for that!

How Long the Water Has to Travel

The distance between your water heater and your shower head can greatly affect how long it takes to get hot water coming out of your faucet. In larger homes, this will be especially true. Even if your water heater is 30 feet from your shower, the pipes could be upwards of 40-50 feet depending on how many turns it has to make to get there. That’s a lot of wasted water while you wait.

One solution to this is getting a hot water circulator. These are small pumps that are usually installed under the sink that pulls water from the hot water heater, sending the unused cold water back down to the water heater to recirculate.

Low Flow Rate

If you use water-conserving faucets or fixtures in your home, it’s likely to sacrifice both flow rate and the time for hot water to travel to your faucets and is likely flowing at half gallons rather than gallons per minute. It’s important to save water and energy, but the results of an efficient fixture only pushing out half a gallon of water at a time through a small pipe can take minutes for hot water to reach your showerhead. This leads us to pipe diameter as a factor in slow hot water problems.

Pipe Diameter

The smaller the pipe, the less water can flow through, obviously. Installing larger pipes can waste even more water while you wait for it to heat up at your faucet or in the shower.

One thing you can do is actually install smaller pipes at certain locations, either right out of the water heater or before the water hits your showerhead, to slow down the flow enough to allow time for it to heat up. You can also purchase water-efficient showerheads that can slow the flow rate as the water reaches the fixture, allowing it to waste less water while the hot water comes through.

Lastly, you may want to get your hot water heater serviced. Slow hot water problems could be from a number of factors, as you can see, but in the end, it’s good to make sure your hot water heater is working efficiently.

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