Remodeling your bathroom is no small undertaking, and it takes a lot of moving parts to make it come to fruition. From the paint color to the countertops and faucet fixtures, there are many ways you can customize your bathroom precisely how you want.

All of that customization even comes down to the style and color of your toilet — yes, there is more than one! We’ve laid out some of the most popular toilets out there to help you decide which one belongs in your new bathroom remodel.

Common Toilet Styles and Sizes

Believe it or not, there are several different styles when it comes to toilets that go beyond just a tank, bowl, and lever. Depending on the look of your bathroom or a particular functionality you desire, you can get a toilet customized to fit your exact needs. Here are some of the most popular styles:


A one-piece toilet means there is no separate tank and bowl. The toilet is just a single piece, with a seamless design that works great in small bathrooms. Plus, there are no tight spots to clean and install is a breeze.


Two-piece toilets are probably the most common, especially in your average home bathroom. This design displays a visible seam at the back of the toilet bowl, where the separate tank is attached. These work great, are probably the most economical of the options, and are easy to find replacement parts and repair for. For your basic needs, go this route.


Wall-mounted toilets are a bit more expensive, but they offer some significant benefits the other two types cannot. In order to get one for your home, there are some requirements you need to have.

First, your plumber will install a metal carrier in the wall to mount the toilet, and the drain will be re-routed from the floor to the wall. The carrier includes the water tank and flushing mechanism, which is typically a button on the finished wall. The benefits include having no need for a floor base or external water tank, which can save a lot of space and make it easy to clean your bathroom floor underneath. The wall-mounted bowl can also be adjusted to any height, which makes it perfect for those in wheelchairs or walkers to easily transition to a height that works for them.


Another type of toilet that is incredibly space-saving and has a clean, chic look is a tankless toilet. Rather than housing a water tank that flushes waste, it flushes using the main water supply and goes right from the toilet to the drain.


Bidets have been a common fixture in other countries but have been catching on quite quickly here in the U.S. in recent years. They can definitely be an expensive luxury if you purchase a full bidet that sits beside your usual toilet. There are also bidet seats that can attach to compatible models. TOTO washlet seats are a great option. They offer both cold and warm water cleansing, self-opening and closing, heated seats, and other settings for a truly luxurious bathroom experience.

Flush Types and Water Saving Toilets

Different toilets can flush in different ways and powers, and we’re not talking about the urban legend of the water flushing the opposite direction in Australia…

Commercial toilets use a higher pressure flushometer to ensure they fully evacuate and keep the bowls cleaner, which is very loud and not efficient for a home bathroom. Meanwhile, you can choose to utilize a toilet that can preserve water by flushing less water for less waste. Here are a few different options to choose from:


Standard toilets use gravity and a single flush function to flush waste. These designs are the most affordable, standard, and easy to repair.


You may see dual-flush toilets in restaurants and newer homes or apartment buildings. They have two buttons or two flush options, one for solid waste and one for liquid waste. These are great because they actually require less water to flush, making them very efficient. They also have a wider base in general, which prevents clogging.


Pressure assisted toilets add air pressure to create a much stronger siphon flush—far more powerful than the standard gravity toilet. These work great in multi-person households as they require less water to flush the same amount. They can also work in commercial settings due to their powerful anti-clogging ability.


If you are remodeling your basement bathroom that lies below the sewer lines, you may want to invest in a power-assisted flushing toilet. There’s a pump that allows upward water flow to reach your sewer line. These are typically only installed in areas where no other option is available

Toilet Colors and Finishes

You don’t have to have a regular old white porcelain toilet in your bathroom if you don’t want to. In fact, different color toilets are regaining popularity, but not like the pink or teal ones you see in your Grandma’s 1970’s rambler. We’re talking dark tones like black and grey, that evoke a unique, chic look.

Popular colors include black, beige, stone, and, of course, white. But you can get customized colors like forest green, blue, or even pink for a retro look. Just know you aren’t stuck with white, and if you want to really invest in a chic remodel, colored porcelain may be a fun addition.

As you can see, toilets are not a one-size-fits-all design. When you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom, consider upgrading your toilet to something that actually fits the space and your functionality needs. Schedule a visit to our AJ Alberts showroom, or give us a call to discuss how we can help you find the right toilet for your remodel.