In today’s business world, national retailers are continuing to grow forcing local business owners to cuts costs, downsize or shut down all together. That’s why at AJ Alberts we are committed to helping our local community grow by offering affordable , knowledgeable and high quality service and products. There are countless advantages to shopping for your goods and services locally. Here are our top 10 reasons: 



Big retailers have convinced us that they are the more affordable option. However after shipping prices, transportation costs and other hidden fees, the cost of using a national retailer is often much more expensive than they claim to be.

Customer Service

Most studies agree that the customer service you receive at a local company versus a national chain is one of the main reasons people shop local. These business have survived over the years because of their service, respect in the community and reputation which is a testament to the quality of their work.

Investment in the Community

When you decide to shop local you are also making a decision to help the entire community. Local business owners are shown to be significantly more generous in donating time, product and services to the people living in that their community.

Good for the Environment

Not only will the drive save you time and gas but people who own local business are more invested in ensuring the safety and prosperity of their town. Can be the same be said of most big retailers?

Quality of Product

Probably one of the most obvious reasons to shop locally is the quality of product. Local business spend much more time ensuring the product that they provide is high quality. Where national chains base most decisions on profit, local business focus on delivering the highest possible standards of service to encourage patronage.

Encourages Community Growth

Growth in a community is usually centered around established businesses. If private business see that local business are flourishing, it only encourages more business enabling the community to also grown.


Local business owners usually have very few owners or managers. Often when you enter a store you are able to speak with the owner directly. These days its almost difficult to speak to a manager in large stores.

Knowledgeability of Trade

We have all experienced the difficult task of speaking with an uninformed employee. To meet the growing demands of expansion, major retailers often hire employees without giving them the adequate education and training to make them successful. Local companies have been shown to invest more in their employees and are much more generous with employee benefits.

Easy Access in Case of Emergency

Most national chains make their customers make 5-7 days before sending someone out to correct a problem. If you have an emergency that service call can increase your cost significantly. When you use a local business you can count on us being in your home at the earliest possible convenience.


At the end of the day we all just want a product or service that we can trust. At AJ Alberts we make it our goal with every customer to give the very best. We do this because we believe that when a business acts responsibly it benefits not only the customer directly but the other local business as well. We know that every benefit for us is a benefit for the community.