As a TOTO® registered showroom, we are proud to be able to showcase the quality and reliability of TOTO® toilets and their cutting-edge technologies.TOTO® was founded in Japan in 1917 and showcases the rich history of Japanese porcelain and pottery. These toilets are made from the highest quality materials, and A.J. Alberts Plumbing is happy to carry such a quality product to deliver to our customers! Read about their state-of-the-art features, and what people are saying about them.


Our Best Seller – The TOTO® Drake II Toilet

It may look like your average, run of the mill toilet, but with TOTO’s patented Tornado flush technology, elongated bowl, and their CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze, the Drake II toilet stands above the rest! We sell a lot of these because people want a nice toilet, that flushes well, and fits in their space. The CEFIONTECT ceramic glaze on TOTO toilets is also a plus, because it keeps them cleaner, for longer. For this price, you are getting a fantastic product that is going to last a long time. There are five color options, most are varying colors of white or off-white, of course, but you can also get an Ebony toilet that does not include the CEFIONTECT glaze. The lever can be customized to go on either side of the tank, and there are an incredible NINE different options for the color and finish of the lever. This toilet is a best seller for a reason, and we’re happy to give you more information on this model and the other basic models TOTO has to offer.


For some more luxurious, state-of-the-art toilets, check out these wildly impressive designs below.


Throw that toilet brush away, TOTO® toilets have self-cleaning technologies to make your life easy.

The Neorest® models self-cleaning features work in two ways. First, it pre-mists the bowl because the wet ceramic will eliminate 80% more waste than a dry bowl. Then, it converts the common chemicals in your tap water into NaCOI, or sodium hypochlorite. NaCOI is the main ingredient in laundry bleach and will surface clean your toilet bowl automatically, 25 seconds after you flush. This process happens by electrolyzing the molecules and will return to its normal state in 2 hours. Thus, not adding any harmful chemicals into the water supply, but it WILL keep your toilet clean and white.


Everyone said, “Get a TOTO toilet.” The beautiful, modern, sleek design makes your bathroom completely unique. I ordered a couple two weeks ago, and now I’m ordering two more! Don’t look for anything else if you’re looking for something modern and easy to take care of.


Save water with their WaterSense certified toilets.

TOTO has partnered with WaterSense, which is an organization devoted to protecting the nation’s water supply. They promote water efficiency and support the market to create more enhanced water-efficient products. The TOTO toilets will use less water to do the same job, with their patented Tornado Flush technology. With only 1.28 gallons of water used per flush, the Tornado Flush creates a dual centrifugal circulation to effectively flush waste with the same power as multiple flushes on a regular toilet.


I highly recommend TOTO toilets. My husband used to like using flushable wipes, but after a plumber told us how bad they were to the sewer system, this Washlet served as a great alternative. The “tornado” flush system works very well, and we both love the heated seat, especially in the winter!



Say goodbye to cleaning behind the tank with TOTO’s wall-hung designs.

We all know that the worst part about cleaning the bathroom has to get down on your hands and knees to clean around the toilet base, and behind it, if you can even reach back there! It’s awful. TOTO solves this problem with its gorgeous wall-hung toilets. Their newest product, the AP Wall-Hung Toilet, can save up to nine inches of floor space, making it incredibly easy to clean the floors and the toilet itself. No more hard to reach spots!


I never thought you could love a toilet before. I love this toilet! We’ve received many compliments on it since it was installed – never thought of a toilet as an item you could receive complements about before.


Never touch a toilet handle again!

TOTO has designed toilets that work via a remote, automatically open and shut, and even auto-flush functions. They’ve practically eliminated the toilet handle and have created a much cleaner design on many of their models. Their bidet seats come with a fully optimized remote control that controls the warm water spray wash, the pre-mist to keep the bowl cleaner longer, and the patented Tornado wash. It also features a heated seat and SoftClose technology. Who knew technology could enhance your restroom experience so much?


From heated seats to hidden plumbing, and easy-touch controls, you’ll never feel more luxurious than when you sit on a TOTO toilet seat. AJ Alberts knows the ins and outs of these luxury toilets and toilet seats and can help you get the bathroom you always dreamed of. Check out some more basic TOTO brand toilets and fixtures in our showroom by appointment only.

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