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Water Alarm Services

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Water Alarm Services in Woodbury & St. Paul

There are times when water leaks are hard to detect, but they do show some obvious signs if you keep a vigilant eye. Some of those signs might be an increased water bill, mold and mildew developing, or even damp and spongy floors. Depending on the size and type of the leak, you could be wasting somewhere between 2,000-10,000 gallons of water per year!
Hard wired water leak sensors have cables that contain gold-plated copper every few feet. Once one of the metal plates is contact with water it creates a current that sounds an alarm.
The other option is a battery powered water leak sensor. These sensors can be placed in leak-prone areas of your home such as behind toilets, near a washing machine, or near your home’s hot water tank. Both of these types of sensors are great as they will warn you of the presence of water before any major damage can be done to your home.

Help Prevent Water Damage in Your Home – Water Alarm Installations

Contact our team today if you think your home has a water leak, or to be proactive before it happens. Our team of experts will fit your home with the proper water leak detector. You can have peace of mind knowing your home is set up and ready in the case of a water leak. Call our team today! 651-738-0580


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