Thinking about getting a corner bathroom sink for your home?

If you’re renovating a tiny bathroom and are looking for a way to add more space, then a corner-mounted sink might be the perfect solution! They are small, easy to install, and can include a nice little corner countertop as well. They can actually work well for large bathrooms and add counter space, while a small bathroom would gain floor space. You also might finally be able to put a small sink in powder rooms that otherwise has a vanity counter space. All of these installs are incredibly beneficial. Today, we will go over the benefits of corner sinks, different styles to choose from, and how to install them.

White small and ceramic sink in grey bathroom

Why Install a Corner Sink?

You may want to install a corner sink if you have a small half bath that is just a little too tight. You will often see half baths with a pedestal or wall-mounted sink perfectly centered on one wall, which takes up that whole side of the bathroom, leaving little room for anything else. What if you instead install a small wall-mounted sink in the corner? That would leave plenty of room next to it to have added shelving and storage.

Corners sinks can come in just about all the same varieties as any other bathroom sink: pedestal, wall-mounted, console, drop-in, etc. However, some may require customization to fit the space. But being able to customize your corner sink can mean the options are endless to how you want to design it. Plus, it will take fewer materials for tits compact design, and it can be much more affordable than building a larger vanity with a drop-in sink, for example.

modern bowl style hand wash basin on a granite corner shelf

The Benefits of Installing a Corner Bathroom Sink

There are several benefits to installing a corner sink over your standard bathroom sinks and vanities you see in the average bathroom.


Corner bathroom sinks are incredibly space-efficient. Whether installing it in a small bathroom to open up floor space or utilizing a larger bathroom and installing a corner vanity, they don’t waste an inch. Half baths can be as small as 20 square feet, and a corner sink can take up a tiny 4 square foot area, leaving you with plenty of room for the toilet, storage, or even a small standing shower.

corner bathroom sink styles


Corner bathroom sinks are not a standard fit, for the most part, but you have lots of opportunities to customize exactly what you want. Building a corner cabinet unit or shelving unit to make a corner console sink could be an effortless DIY project. With little materials and no complicated installment, you could get that compact sink designed and put together in no time. You can even build for existing corner wall-mounted sinks if you wish to hide the pipes within a small cabinet. This is also great for creating storage space in any crowded bathroom.

You also have many options when installing the mirror in the corner (if you want one). We’ve seen people put two half-circle mirrors together meeting in the corner for a cool corner mirror effect. You could also find a swivel mirror or put a mirror on one side and art on the other. The options are endless.

compact bathroom sink

Unique Design

Corner bathroom sinks are not something you will see often. You might see the occasional corner kitchen sink, but these are much more unique. As we said, they can be any style, but you will mostly find them as pedestals or wall-mounted in the store. Check out these corner sinks available at Home Depot. Homeowners can take these store-bought ceramic bowls and switch out the fixtures, and as we mentioned before, build a cute cabinet or shelving unit to go with it.

Compact sinks are another great option as they can be seamlessly installed in bathroom corners or walls without taking up much space. Not to mention there is an abundant amount of customizations you can do to match the style of your bathroom or add functionality (like more storage).

stunning compact bathroom sink styles

Opportunity for Added Counterspace

We’ve been talking a lot about corner sinks being used in small bathrooms, but they can also be highly space-efficient for larger bathrooms as well. Say you have two open walls in your bathroom, and one is taken up with a wall-length his, and hers sinks. What do you do with the unused wall space to your right? Why not add more counter space?

You can rip out that lengthwise counter with two sinks and instead input a corner cabinet unit with one sink and one vanity. There’s really no need for two sinks for his and hers, but there IS a need for two mirrors. So your corner space can have one sink with a mirror, then a nice vanity with storage and a mirror for getting ready in the morning. Plus, any additional space on the sides can be perfect for installing more shelves or for keeping some laundry hampers in a convenient location.

Luxury large white master bathroom cabinets with double sinks.

How to Install a Corner Sink In Your Bathroom

When it comes to home improvement, a small corner sink might be one of the easier installs to do yourself. The features are smaller, the brackets have less weight to hold, and you can get it done very quickly. Here are some simple steps to follow to install a wall-mounted corner sink in your bathroom. Note: Sink installation will be different (and slightly easier) for drop-in corner sinks with a cabinet that can simply be placed against the wall and secured with screws.

Step 1: Mark Your Measurements

Measure your sink height (or how tall you want it to be). This will be around 30-36 inches. Mark that height on each wall and locate your studs. Draw your sink’s size (standard size if 16×16) on the wall and cut out the appropriate size. Then, secure a block of wood between each stud to act as your mount. Note: Turn off the water main before doing any further work.

Step 2: Drill the Plumbing Holes

Cut out the holes for your pipe and plumbing fixtures: being careful not to knick any existing pipes. Place your mounting plate and pre-drill holes for installing your sink.

Step 3: Install the Fixtures & Mounting Plate

Adhere the mounting plate to your newly installed wood block, making sure it will stay in place. Install the drain and pipe assemblies onto your sink to prepare for the install.

Step 4: Mount the Sink

Secure your sink to the mounting plate using strong anchor bolts. Ensure everything is lined up before securing any further.

Step 5: Final Check

Turn the water back on, and test all faucets and pipes. Look for leaks, tighten where necessary, and ensure the water drains well in the sink.

install wall mount sink

Are Corner Bathroom Sinks for You?

As you can see, corner sinks and vanities are amazing, unique options for your next bathroom remodel. The price, modern design, and opening of the floorplans make this a very viable option for anyone looking to update from the standard pedestal and cabinet sinks they’re used to.

If you aren’t the DIY type, we recommended giving us a call! We can handle any install, repair, and replacement you need to be done. The highly-trained team of professionals at AJ Alberts is ready to help! Contact us here to get started!