Bathrooms are one of the main rooms people will remodel in their homes as many houses built before the 2000’s likely to come with a very outdated bathroom. This means tacky wallpaper, marbled countertops, and outdated fixtures. You can do a lot to your bathroom without having to do much demolition. In fact, just switching up your sink and fixtures can give new life to your old bathroom.

You spend every morning prepping for the day at your bathroom mirror and every evening winding down from the day. You deserve to make it nice. Here are some of our favorite types of bathroom sinks to transform your space.

Undermount Bathroom Sinks

Undermount sinks are installed underneath your countertop, with a small edge that hangs over the sink. They are an incredible space saver for counter space and super easy to install. An under-mount sink also makes cleaning a dream with no hard-to-reach crevasses, and the fixture is separate from the ceramic sink. The best part about an under-mount sink is that the sink and all of its components can hide within the cabinets, leaving you with a nice, sleek look.

undermount sink

Corner Bathroom Sinks

Even better for saving space is a corner mounted sink. They are most often just the sink itself cut to fit in the corner. Homeowners can also choose to have a small corner countertop or corner pedestal sink in the corner. Either way, they all take up about the same square footage of space, and by mounting a swivel mirror in the corner, you can fully utilize the space.

Corner-mounted sinks work best for tiny bathrooms like a basement half-bath. And because they are intended to only fit in the corner, they are often built much smaller and won’t offer much space to do anything but brush your teeth and wash your hands. But if that’s all you need, it’s the perfect space saver! The lack of counter space can actually be an opportunity to offer more unique storage options like corner shelving or a ladder shelf for towels.

white corner bathroom sink

Wall Mounted Bathroom Sinks

Probably the most commonly used sink in bathrooms is a wall-mounted sink. A wall-mounted sink means it has its exposed pipes underneath and nothing attached to the floor. These are very common in small bathrooms as they are super space-saving and easy to install or change-out if needed. Wall-mounted sinks will anchor to a wall bracket and are relatively easy to DIY as long as you find the right secure wall. The fixtures are often adhered right to the ceramic sink but can easily be changed out for updated ones in your outdated bathroom.

This bathroom sink is one of the oldest designs of sinks but has been redesigned to work for modern bathrooms now, with some even hiding the pipes behind the wall for a seamless look. Another great benefit of having a wall-mounted sink is with the open floor space underneath; you can mop every single inch of that bathroom floor (if you so desire). People who love a clean bathroom can appreciate that one!

wall mounted sink

Drop-In Bathroom Sink

A drop-in sink is pretty much the opposite of an undermount sink in that rather than the sink installed underneath the countertop with no edge, the sink is dropped into the countertop from above. This allows the sink to have a raised edge and more visibility on top of the counter. These are quite common, especially for bathrooms with a large countertop area and those with his and hers sinks.

Drop-in sinks are incredibly easy to install because a new one can easily be placed in an existing countertop without altering anything. They come in various styles and can work with any possible look you’re trying to achieve. They come in pretty standard sizes, and again, the faucet system can be easily switched out for new ones whenever you are updating your existing bathroom and want a change.

drop-in sink

Pedestal Bathroom Sinks

A pedestal sink has similar elements to a wall-mounted sink, but it creates more security and doesn’t necessarily have to be attached to the wall. Also, the pipes are hidden and protected within the pedestal stand. They don’t save any more room in the bathroom or anything like that, but do give it more style and work for bathrooms where the wall is not stable enough to adhere to a wall-mounted sink.

Pedestal sinks can come in various finishes, but more often than not, it will be a white ceramic sink with a white ceramic stand. These can be very easy to install as it really doesn’t require any expertise to connect the pipings to the wall and place your pedestal where you want it. One thing to keep in mind is for extra security, it is a good idea to adhere the sink to the wall with some caulk or other sealant, and you can also adhere the pedestal to the floor if you like. But it’s not required, but you must be careful not to lean on the sink or place it somewhere unstable as it could risk falling over.

pedestal sink

Console Bathroom Sinks

A console sink combines the openness of a wall-mounted sink and the extra support of a pedestal sink. The pipes are still exposed, but the sink itself would be supported with legs (either 2 or 4), which can either be made of ceramic to match the sink, or frequently it will match the finish of the fixtures. We’ve seen console sinks in gold, chrome, white—they all look amazing no matter what. The legs also offer an opportunity to have hand towel racks or even a small shelf underneath the sink for small storage. They’re definitely a more modern upgrade to the outdated pedestal sinks you see in older homes.

console sink

Choosing the Best Sink for Your Bathroom

Choosing the right bathroom sink for your space might sound like a small decision, but it can make a substantial difference in the overall style and functionality of your bathroom. Some are easy to clean, some help make room for more storage space, while others give you a nice upgrade from your old style. When you consider how many different types of bathroom sinks you can have, it can become fairly daunting! This is why we always recommend taking the time to see the various styles in person. Not only will you see your options, but you can better visualize what will fit in your space.

If you are unsure what sinks or fixtures you want to install in your bathroom, come check out our showroom! We have tons of options to choose from, and sometimes seeing it for yourself can help you make sure you’ve made the right decision. Once you feel like you have the right sink picked out, make sure to call your local plumbing professional to get the installation done right.

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