The main water line is the primary source of water in your home. The water main is the connecting line between your home’s water supply and the public’s. If you don’t have a working main water line, there’s no way you’ll have a water supply in your home. Therefore, you should hire the best plumbing services to fix your main line when building or inspecting your home.

Over time, water pipes used to connect your home to the main water line may begin to lose quality and degrade, contributing to a broken main water line or a damaged one. These damages can lead to a water line leak in your home.

On average, more than 9,000 gallons of water are wasted every year due to leaks from a household. Figuring out the main water leak may be a daunting task if you don’t know what to look out for. This article will provide you with the symptoms of a water main leak.

metal pipe with valve is leaking in water

Symptoms of a Water Main Leak

There are some main water line leak symptoms you can notice without the help of a plumber. To see these symptoms, though, you may need some technical knowledge as most main water lines are underground. While it’s always wiser to call a plumber to do routine checks on your home, some symptoms you can detect on your own include the following:

Water Puddles

Typically, water puddles in your home mean you have issues with your water main. These puddles may start as water leaking in and around the sink. It’s smart to check and see if something is wrong with your sink in this case.

However, if it is a main water leak problem, the water puddles will likely move to the streets, your driveway, or yard. The moment you see water puddles outside your home without a source, chances are you have a much greater plumbing issue. It’s best if you call an expert to confirm the extent of the problem.

Low Water Pressure

One of the primary symptoms of a main water line leak is low water pressure. For you to notice this symptom means the damage is at an advanced stage. Ways to detect low pressure include:

  • It takes longer to fill water into any container
  • Your shower releases water rather slowly
  • Your taps release water little by little

If you notice any of these signs frequently or inconsistently, call a plumber.

Frequent Clogging of Drains

It’s typical for water drains to clog from time to time. In most cases, it’s a clear indication that some materials are in the drain blocking water flow. However, when you notice constant clogging with a particular drain, there’s an issue. Moreso, when the clogging begins to affect your other drains, it’s probably a main water line leak or issues with your home’s main plumbing pipes.

Insects and Pests

Pests and insects love to survive in an environment that’s always damp. If you begin to notice more pests and insects, there’s probably water somewhere. What you should do is to check your taps, sinks, and water drains. If all are in good condition, then turn to your main water line.

Suppose your main water line leaks, one symptom to check is pest infestation. When the main water line damages, the water will flow to a specific location. This location becomes a breeding spot pests will love.

Discolored Water

Like we mentioned earlier, your main water line connects with the public water supply directly. If the main water line leaks, one of the symptoms to note is dirty or discolored water. When there is a leak, water begins to flow out into the streets through the opening. At the same time, dirt and debris will find their way into the water. The dirt will affect the water quality of your tap supply.

Wet Areas in the Home

Close-up Photo Of Flooded Floor In Kitchen From Water Line Leak

If you start noticing that some unusual areas in your home are wet, you can suspect a leak. This is one of the symptoms you can find easily if you suspect a main water line leak. All you have to do is check for wet areas in places that have no business being so.

For instance, it’s okay for the walls and floor in your bathroom to stay wet at some point. However, it’s quite bothersome and dangerous for your bedroom walls and floors to remain wet for an extended period.

Bad Smell

Standard water should never have any odor, not to talk of a bad one. If you start smelling anything funny with the water in your home, check for other symptoms like dead pests. If you can’t trace any other symptoms, you can get an expert to be sure that it’s a main water line leak.

Foundational Cracks

For most homes, the plumber usually fixes the main water line on the floor. When there’s a leak in the main water line, you might see cracks in the foundation. When water seeps into concrete or any material, cracks manifest. If you suspect a main water leak, you can check the outer foundation for cracks.

Increased Water Bills

Every home has an average amount spent on water every month or every year. If suddenly, the amount increases drastically, you should try to backtrack. Was there an event when you left the taps open for too long? Or has the number of people in your home increased?

If you can’t find answers to this question, try to watch the water bill for the next month. If it’s still on the high, it could be a sign of a main water line leak.

Weird Tap-like Sounds

When a pipe leaks, it begins to make some funny whistling and hissing sounds. Suppose you don’t know how this sounds, block the water supply to a tap and open it. That sound the tap makes is similar to what you would notice. Once you hear this frequently in your home, you should contact a plumber to check for the main leak.

Factors that Can Cause a Water Main Leak

The effects of a main water line leak to the home are numerous. Not only does it incur costs, but it can also cause weakness in the foundation. Some of the factors that can cause main water leaks include:

  • A bad plumbing job: The quality of services you hire goes a long way to determine what issues you might have in the future. When you hire plumbing services to fix the main water line, they have to be experts. A good job will ensure good main lines.
  • Time: Over time, pipes will get weak and reduce in quality, which will cause a leak.
  • Spoilt seals: Ordinarily, there should be seals to stop water from seeping. If these seals spoil, the water will seep.
  • Temperature: High-temperature changes will force the pipes to expand, which can cause leaks.
  • Water pressure: You may like the high water pressure, but when it’s too high, the main water line is at risk.

What a Main Water Line Burst Is and How to Avoid It

A main water line burst refers to an outbreak or leakage in the main water line. No matter how great your main water line is initially, it still has to wear out over time. Unfortunately, the effects of water damage are not pleasant. Once you notice a main water line leak, find a solution before it becomes any worse.

Leaks in the main water line are often a matter of time. However, how sensitive you are to the damage determines the effect it has on your home. There are many symptoms of a main water line leak. If you notice them early, you’re on the safer side, but you should call a plumber immediately.

To be on the safer side, it’s best if you hire expert plumbing services. A good option is A.J. Alberts Plumbing. Not only do we fix main water lines, we also offer preventive measures to help prevent a leak. Reach out today!