When it comes to choosing which plumbing brands to install in your home, it can be overwhelming to decide as there are so many brands out there, both good and bad. And to get the best plumbing system installed you want to use the best plumbing materials. Plus factors to consider include price, availability, customizable options, and quality. You can sift through hundreds of reviews online, which can be very time-consuming and tough to navigate through good vs. bad reviews, so we’re here to help.

We’ve listed our favorite brands that we recommend to homeowners time and time again. Brands that have proven their quality, timeless design, and price are essential to consider for your home. Here are the top plumbing fixture brands we love, trust, and continually recommend to our A.J. Alberts customers.

The Best Plumbing Fixture Brands to Use in Your Home


TOTO is the largest plumbing manufacturer in the world, and we are proud to carry these beautiful products in our TOTO registered showroom. They feature one-of-a-kind products like their NEOREST® collection, which boasts both style and ultimate comfort in their pottery-inspired design. As well as their Drake WASHLET® toilet, that is TOTO’s version of a bidet, but incredibly advanced—think heated seats, 2-person memory presets, and warm water cleansing. TOTO turns your bathroom into a complete luxury experience.

Their newest product—the world’s first zero-gravity bathtub—brings luxury to an entirely different level, literally. The TOTO Flotation Tub With ZERO DIMENSION® brings weightlessness to your bathroom. One form of therapy for people is going into sensory deprivation tanks that include a salt bath for weightlessness, plus no light or sound—it can be very therapeutic—now you can do that at home!

toto zero gravity tub


Moen products have always provided innovative solutions with style and functionality that pales in comparison to other common brands. Some innovations Moen has come up with that make them stand out are their M•PACT faucets and easy Press & Mark installation.

Their M•PACT faucets are perfect for those who like to freshen up the look of their bathroom often. It allows for easy swapping of your faucet handles and fixtures without having to replace any of the plumbing. With an allen wrench and a screwdriver, you can revamp your bathroom sink in minutes.

Press & Mark makes installation a breeze—no more paper and pencil technique. Simply level and place your toilet paper roll, towel rack, or other fixture to the wall, and washable ink markers will dot the placement for your hardware. Install your screws and hardware, and DIY installation is done!. This feature has our customers in mind and couldn’t make their lives easier.


The Delta Faucet Company was founded in 1954 along with its launch of the first ball valve single handle faucet you see in many homes today. Since then, they’ve expanded their brand to include incredibly innovative fixtures spanning across all areas of the house—all inspired by their fantastic consumer base.

Every day customers, like you and me, inspired two of their most popular fixtures—the In2ition® Two-in-One Showerheads and their Touch2O® faucets. No longer do people have to choose between using the handheld showerhead, and keeping water flowing on their body. With the Two-in-One showerheads, they can detach the handheld, and water still flows around the showerhead! This can be especially great for rinsing your hair or washing off after a day of digging in the garden.

The Touch2O® allows someone to touch any part of the faucet head to start and stop the water. So, even the messiest of hands can reach for the faucet with ease. And, you won’t have to worry about messing up your faucet handles. Combined with their VOICEIQ technology that allows you to voice command the faucet to start, you barely have to ever use your faucet handles, and it can make washing your hands and juggling cooking and clean-up all at once.

delta showerhead


The Masco Corporation houses 3 popular brands, including Delta, its flagship brand, Peerless, and Brizo, its more luxury, high-end brand. Brizo believes that fashion and style span across all platforms—from clothing to decor to lifestyle—and they bring that design home. By combining functionality with fashion, they’ve created beautifully crafted fixtures and designs to cater to high-end lifestyles.

Not only has Brizo joined forces with the fashion industry, through collaborations with designers like Jason Wu, but they’ve done work with St. Jude’s Hospital. They were the first national sponsor of the St. Jude’s Dream Home Giveaway. A company like this is definitely one we can get behind, and the designs they’ve created are just so pretty to look at—whether you are renovating your bathroom or not.


Kohler has been around since 1873 (almost 150 years!) and a household name for as long as you can remember. From kitchens to bathrooms to lighting, Kohler covers all the bases you need for a renovation. What we love about Kohler is the ability to sync every single fixture, faucet, and even accessories together with ease.

Kohler’s website says they are recognized across the globe as being one of the top innovators in design for both kitchen and bath. They even have a toilet with such luxuries as a heated seat and foot warmers, Bluetooth connectivity, and presets for up to 6 people. The Numi® Comfort Height® chair-height toilet is the ultimate bathroom experience, and who would’ve thought a toilet could have such features? That aside, Kohler fixtures have been a staple in homes for decades and decades and have something for every single budget. They come highly recommended by us.

brizo collab jason wu


What started as an innovative sink company in Germany, Blanco then came to America 30 years ago to become one of the most popular sinks and fixture manufacturers in North America. Using science, technology, innovation, and beautiful design, they’ve spent decades perfecting their patented SILGRANIT sinks that stand the test of time.

Their SILGRANIT sinks feature over 300 different designs to suit a variety of different kitchens, from big to small. Technicians develop these sinks using a variety of materials all blended together to make an incredible, manufactured stone—while maintaining a beautiful design. This material ends up being durable, and super easy to clean—only needing a sponge, water, and baking soda! We love these basin sinks for any kitchen.

American Standard

For over 140 years, American Standard has solidified its reputation as being the top toilet brand in America. In fact, their website states that you can find an American Standard toilet in three out of five homes in America, plus hotels, airports, stadiums, and other commercial venues.

Working within both residential and commercial has allowed American Standard to innovate with many types of issues in mind. From self-cleaning toilets to walk-in tubs, to soap dispensers for your kitchen, they can help businesses and homeowners alike get the exact fixtures and accessories they need.


Gerber was founded in 1932 in middle America and since then has brought the basics to homes everywhere. We proudly recommend Gerber as being one of the most prominent plumbing fixture brands around. They stick to what every homeowner is looking for, a functional, affordable, plumbing system that has the basic needs we all want. For a simple remodel, look no further than Gerber.

best plumbing fixture brands

As you can see, the plumbing industry spans from the most basic plumbing needs to true luxury experiences. At AJ Alberts, we provide our customers with the largest selection of fixtures for their homes, whether it be a basic showerhead to a heated toilet with self-cleaning technology. Take a look for yourself in our beautiful showroom located in Woodbury. Click here to schedule a showroom appointment. Please give us a call anytime to go over what products you’re looking for and how we can help your remodel or repair happen.