Maplewood, MN is a great town for foodies. This suburb of St. Paul offers many different styles of cuisine – from upscale dining to sports bars with deep-fried foods galore! Whether you’re looking for the best Asian fusion or traditional American fare, Maplewood has got it all. Check out our list below and be sure to visit some of these best restaurants in Maplewood, MN!

1) Tono Pizzeria and Cheesesteaks 

Tono Pizzeria and Cheesesteaks is a family restaurant with something for everyone and recipes that have been passed down for generations. Their best seller? The cheesesteak of course! Order up your classic made-from-scratch pizzas and cheesesteaks and enjoy some good old-fashioned Italian cuisine.

Address: 3088 White Bear Ave Maplewood, MN 55109

Phone: 651-243-1953

best restaurants in maplewood mn pizza place

meal time at pizzeria, man taking a slice of the pizza

2) Blueprint Burgers and Melts 

Blueprint is best known for their burgers and melts – but they also have great sweet potato fries, salads, soups, and more. Located in Maplewood Mall, Blueprint Burgers makes for the perfect place to grab some grub and regain your strength to shop til you drop.

Address: 3001 White Bear Ave, Maplewood, MN 55109

Phone: (651) 748-2985

3) Bleechers Bar and Grill  

For a fun night out with friends, Bleechers Bar and Grill is the best place to go for sports games, drinks, and bar food. This Maplewood favorite offers up signature dishes like their Philly Cheese Steak Stuffed Pita or Santa Fe Chicken Wrap — all while sporting awesome specials every day. And don’t miss their Bingo Wednesdays where you can play for cash prizes!

Address: 2220 White Bear Ave N, Maplewood, MN 55109

Phone: (651) 777-7897

4) Shangri-La III Carry Out 

Shangri-La III has been doing carry-out only since before it was cool (aka pre-pandemic). Their model is simple: make delicious carry-out Chinese food that is sure to please the whole family. All you do is walk-in or call, choose your menu item, your serving size (ranging from 1 to 6 people) and they’ll whip you up a delicious dinner to-go.

Address: 2552 7th Ave E, St Paul, MN 55109

Phone: (651) 770-1748

5) Catrinas Cerveza and Mexican Grill 

If you’re looking for a great place to grab fast-casual Mexican eats, Catrinas is where it’s at. They make it easy for you to order some of the best Mexican food in town. Simply pick your type (tacos, burritos, etc.), your rice, protein, toppings, and away you go! Catrinas has all of the best Mexican food you could ask for including street tacos, quesadillas, nachos, and the fan-favorite—tortas.

Address: 1091 Geneva Ave N, Oakdale, MN 55128

Phone: (651) 493-9156

6) Bambu Asian Restaurant 

Bambu Asian Restaurant serves the very best in Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese dishes to the people of Maplewood (and Oakdale). Bambu is a true experience waiting to happen for any adventurous taste buds out there. They also make it a priority to cater to people’s dietary restrictions and preferences with tons of gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options available. You won’t be disappointed!

Address: 1715 Beam Ave, Maplewood, MN 55109

Phone:  (651) 747-1000

7) Neumann’s Bar 

Now, this is a must-see stop—Neumann’s Bar a.k.a the oldest bar in Minnesota! Neumann’s Bar has great food, great specials, cold drinks, and a bit of history to make this place the perfect spot to grab a beer and a burger. Running since 1887, this bar has withstood decades of restaurants coming and going, and they even battled through prohibition with a few minor tweaks and a speakeasy to keep things going.

Address: 2531 7th Ave E, North St Paul, MN 55109

Phone: (651) 770-6020

delicious indian restaurant with friends

8) Taste of India Restaurant 

Taste of India has been a family-owned and operated restaurant for over 20 years, serving all your favorite Indian dishes. If you’ve never had naan before, this is the best place to get it and dip it in any of their incredible authentic Indian dishes.

Address: 1745 Cope Ave E, St Paul, MN 55109

Phone: (651) 773-5477

9) Tongue in Cheek 

Tongue in Cheek is a bar, restaurant, and art gallery all rolled into one. They have one of the most unique, creative, and delicious menus in the cities. From pork buns to a whole fish, you are certain to find something fresh and new to try that will keep you coming back. Make a reservation today!

Address: 989 Payne Ave. St. Paul, MN 55130

Phone: (651) 888-6148

10) The Dog House Bar and Grill 

If you want a place where you can belly up to the bar, that’s a little sticky, but always serves cold beer and greasy food—The Dog House Bar and Grill is the place. Their dog-themed burger names put a fun twist on the menu and never fail to deliver. They have great happy hours and even a late-night power hour with $2 off drinks. Plus, stay tuned to their schedule for live music and entertainment!

Address: 2029 Woodlynn Ave, Maplewood, MN 55109

Phone: (651) 621-1535

11) Angelo’s Pizza 

Yes, another pizza place, but this one is definitely worth putting on the list. Angelo’s keeps it simple with just delicious, Italian eats like pizza, dago sandwiches, and antipasto salad. And you can’t beat their All-You-Can-Eat-Spaghetti nights on Sunday and Monday for just $7.25—that’s unheard of!

Address: 1668 White Bear Ave, St Paul, MN 55106

Phone: (651) 771-8484

12) Little Oven 

We’d be remiss to not include a place to grab delicious breakfast on the weekends. Little Oven offers a great selection of omelets, hashbrowns platters, pancakes, and the basic bacon and eggs. They also have pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and anything else your heart desires. But trust us, breakfast is where it’s at. Check it out any day of the week 9-8 on weekdays and 8-8 on weekends!

Address: 1786 Minnehaha Ave E, St Paul, MN 55119

Phone: (651) 735-4944

13) Mei Mei Chinese 

You can’t really beat a delicious, made-to-order Chinese place. You can find some of the best orange chicken here and even better—they offer FREE delivery with no minimum. Sign us up!

Address: 277 McKnight Rd S, St Paul, MN 55119

Phone: (651) 739-1718

14) 5-8 Club 

The long-standing debate of who birthed the famous Juicy Lucy burger in Minneapolis remains up in the air. But between you and me, we prefer 5-8 Club to Matt’s bar (plus they have a Maplewood location). The Jo-Jos wedge potatoes will draw you in but the cheese-stuffed Juicy lucy patties will leave you wanting more! Just be careful, that cheese is scalding hot (but oh, so good).

Address: 2289 Minnehaha Ave E, Maplewood, MN 55119

Phone: (651) 735-5858


There you have it, folks! A list of some of the best eats from all across Maplewood and Northern St. Paul. Maybe after you stop by the AJ Alberts showroom in Woodbury, you can go grab a bite in town—there’s no lack of options so you’ll never go hungry.